Carla Anderson Skogland

Chief Financial Officer

Sono Bello

Melinda Gates once said, ‘A woman with a voice is by definition a strong woman.’ Dress for Success adds to that voice the skills and attire to attack the job market head on. Dress for Success’ Your Hour, Her Power campaign is ensuring women have that voice and power to show the world their strength.

Carla Anderson Skogland is the Chief Financial Officer of Sono Bello, LLC. She has a diverse background working in Finance, Technology and Human Resources at companies including Amazon, Starbucks, and T-Mobile. She is the audit chair for Girl Scouts of Western Washington, Western Washington University Accounting Board Member, and co-chairs the Parents and leadership Council at Marquette University with her husband, Keith Skogland.

Carla is passionate about diversity and inclusion, and the importance of embracing differences both in the workplace and her community. She has performed keynote speeches at multiple universities including UCLA, University of Virginia, Duke University, and Chicago Booth on the importance of embracing the “and” of DEI. She is an ardent supporter of Dress for Success and the Your Hour, Her Power campaign for the life changing work being done for unemployed and underemployed women. It is essential that everyone has a level playing field entering or returning to the workforce.

She has two grown children: Mackenzie and Eric. She and her husband enjoy trips to visit them as often as possible. Additionally, she enjoys spending time on hobbies like sailing, traveling as much as possible, gardening and preserving her favorite foods, as well as reading everything she can get her hands on.

Carla Anderson Skogland

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