Corevia Turner

Dress for Success San Francisco (CA, United States)

Presented by: Constellation Brands, SIMI Wines

Thanks to Dress for Success I found a new sense of confidence and determination that goes way beyond what I wear.

When Corevia initially came to us in January 2020, she had recently lost her husband from breast cancer. Over the years, her life had taken her in a myriad of directions, but this was something she was completely unprepared for. Dress for Success provided the support she had been looking for. Working with the mentors changed her outlook on her hireability. With a few career coaching sessions, she landed a job at a multibillion-dollar legal tech start up, where her legal background along with her skills as a teacher and an entrepreneur made her uniquely qualified for the job. She has been at Everlaw for almost 3 years now and has received a promotion, a raise, and led the company women’s ERG. Before being caretaker for 7 years, after law school, she worked at a law firm, was a preschool teacher for four years, and owned her own business as a florist.