Elizabeth Ramirez

Dress for Success Ottawa (ON, Canada)

Presented by: Scotiabank

After 7 years out of the job market, I came to Dress for Success. Their fantastic volunteers dressed me in the best attire, and prepared me for my interview. I got the job!

Elizabeth has a previous work background as a lawyer in El Salvador, including having worked for the United Nations. She came to Dress for Success looking for support with job interviews and has continued participating in Dress for Success programs to grow her skills.

After graduating from law school in El Salvador, Elizabeth worked with the Human Rights Ombudsperson for ten years. She investigated violations against human rights, particularly related to missing children during the Civil War. Afterward, she worked with the International Organization for Migration (IOM) leading projects focused on children’s migration and human trafficking.

In 2010, Elizabeth, her husband and their two children moved to Ottawa, Ontario, where they started a new chapter in their lives. In 2015, after being off the labor market for more than five years and after many unsuccessful attempts to obtain a job in an area related to law, she decided to go back to school and took a paralegal program, which would allow her to work in the legal sector. Dress for Success provided her with the necessary attire for her interview and helped her prepare for the interview that opened the door to a new career. She still works for the same company.