Jennifer Wasco

Dress for Success Cincinnati (OH, United States)

Presented by: Sono Bello

Dress for Success reminded me that I deserve more and taught me how to find it.

Jennifer has been involved with Dress for Success since 2013, and she’s maintained employment for that entire time. Jennifer fought the long battle to overcome her conviction. In the beginning, she was disappointed not to be able to participate in the CAP program--“jail status checks” intended to screen imprisoned individuals for removability--because she was not able to cross state lines for a certain number of years after her release.

Since that time, she has successfully worked to have her record expunged. She has since changed her last name back to her maiden name so that she does not have to be identified by the name of her abuser. Jen is committed to personal growth. Not only does she continue attending EmpowerHER regularly; she seizes all opportunities. Jen is a true example of someone who is not going to be defined by her past.