Juanita Sepulveda

Dress for Success San Antonio (TX, United States)

Presented by: JCPenney

This honor is a recognition of the potential within each of us to lead, inspire, and transform our communities for the better. No one achieves greatness alone.

Juanita is a first-generation United States Marine Corps veteran, entrepreneur, published author, and single mother of seven children devoted to advocating for military, veteran, and community matters.

Born in Coahuila, Mexico, she comes from a family of migrant workers. “I was no stranger to hard work as I labored in the cotton fields in Texas as a child. I dreamt of becoming an anesthesiologist and was admitted to Texas A&M University after I graduated from high school, but struggled to fund my education, so I joined the Marine Corps. After honorable service, I returned to San Antonio, Texas, only to financially struggle. I was driven and sought to secure a better future for my children, but circumstances grew out of control,” says Juanita. She faced the loss of her home, food insecurity, and homelessness after a difficult divorce.

Dress for Success’s professional suiting bolstered her confidence as she navigated and secured work. Now a bachelor of science, Juanita’s multifaceted educational background led her to a successful career and entrepreneurship. “I hope my journey is a compelling narrative of triumph over adversity,” says Juanita.