Judith Street

Dress for Success Triangle NC (NC, United States)

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Many victims of domestic violence face homelessness and other debilitating situations that affect them and their children. Providing stability through home ownership brings exponential opportunities for them.

Born and raised in Jamaica and a recent survivor of intimate partner abuse, when Judith was first referred to Dress for Success, she lacked the support, confidence, and the experiential knowledge to navigate the American job market in a more meaningful way.

At Dress for Success Triangle, NC, Judith found a “life-changing” career coach who helped her navigate the U.S. job market. She then participated in the Going Places Network. She emerged with a new sense of self-awareness, with tools that she did not previously have, and blossomed into a great speaker.

From her initial contact with Dress for Success, Judith received verbal affirmations of her value and worth, and the ability to seek meaningful work commensurate with her skills and experience. By the end of the program, Judith regained her confidence and enthusiasm to utilize her gifts and passions to improve her work and home-life situation. Judith continues to work in the field of real estate, and is in the process of expanding a linear real estate broker career to broaden opportunities for women (particularly single moms and domestic abuse survivors) to help them find pathways to homeownership. Judith remains a devoted single mother to her son, who is currently a high school junior.