Dress for Success elevated my self-esteem and made me feel like a princess for a day. They became my personal cheerleader! Dress for Success creates confidence in the women they serve.

Kay, who has vitiligo and faces other health challenges, moved to Florida from Missouri to benefit from the warmer climate, with the advice of her physician. Upon her arrival, she experienced less than a welcoming environment, especially during job searches. She is a disabled veteran, ordained minister, college grad, former substitute teacher, mother, and grandmother.

Kay grew up in foster care, moving from home to home. She experienced sexual abuse and childhood hurt from abandonment. As an adult, she sought out her birth parents and met both of them. Kay turns obstacles into stepping stones, overcoming and forgiving both of her patents.

She reached out to Dress for Success for interview attire and there she found friends and a supportive climate. Participating in the digital literacy workshop enabled her to meet Dress for Success’ partner TyTir, who offered her a guest speakers contract to share her book. Kay’s positive spirit and belief in herself keeps her moving forward, creating new opportunities for her.

Kay believes in serving others. She has two birth sons, one adopted daughter, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. She celebrated her 61st birthday last October and believes her life is just beginning. She has walked the catwalk proudly modeling her Dress for Success attire and beauty marks.