Mariana Navarro Lopez

Dress for Success Mexico City (Mexico)

Presented by: Constellation Brands

I am profoundly grateful to Dress for Success Mexico City for all their support. Their commitment to empower women and get us into the workforce extends beyond mere words. My heartfelt thanks for being a guiding light on my journey to professional achievement.

Mariana is a determined young mom who has not only shaped her own path but has also left an indelible mark on the people she knows. In 2022, she joined Dress for Success Mexico City. With the employment search program, she honed her skills in resume building and interview, landing a remote job in Real Estate in the U.S. Within a year, her dedication earned her a well deserve promotion.

Mariana studied at the Tecnologico de Monterrey, where she received a scholarship of excellence, and has a bachelor's degree in international business.

Mariana is a loving and devoted mother of two boys, and has managed to balance the demands of motherhood with her career in real estate. She is a clear example of dedication and resilience who excels in the personal and professional realms. Her ability to juggle the responsibilities of parenthood while pursuing a successful career is an inspiration to many.

Shattering barriers, she embraced motherhood without compromising her dreams. Through unwavering commitment, Mariana achieved outstanding results in the labor market, proving that motherhood is not a hindrance but a catalyst for unparalleled success.