Naima Ibrahim

Dress for Success NSW & ACT (Sydney, Australia)

Presented by: Experian

Walking in, I did not know what to expect. There was no judgement; they were dedicated to helping every woman, no matter their background. Dress for Success immediately became my safe place.

Naima has overcome every obstacle life has thrown at her to become a strong single mom with a stable income and employment. Naima, a survivor of war-torn Somalia, migrated to Kenya as a toddler and later moved to Australia as a refugee, at 19. Raised by her grandmother, she faced challenges connecting with her mother, leading her to leave home. Life on the streets brought unexpected hardships, especially after becoming a young mother. Determined to secure a better future, Naima started as a cleaner, progressing to a role in corporate services with a financial company. Despite having to quit due to her son’s illness, she temporarily opened a Family Day Care Business. The last three years proved pivotal. Enduring an abusive relationship, Naima, pregnant with her second child, decided to leave. Juggling multiple jobs while unhoused, she found hope as a career. With the support of Dress for Success (she has been involved with the organization for 2 years), she landed a good job, reclaiming her life on her terms.