Many people demonize fear but fear can be your most valuable asset. Not because it holds you back, but because it tells you when to push through.

Sara is a full-time college documentarian, professor, screenwriter, and international bestselling novelist, and she has participated in Dress for Success’ programs for 6 years. She embodies resilience. Sara first came to Dress for Success Central New Jersey physically and emotionally depleted, a victim of insidious emotional abuse. She credits their programs for helping her to build a bridge to her new life. Sara approaches everything she does with strength and passion, now giving back through her writing and teaching. Sara now teaches at Neumann University and is the director of their film festival. With an entrepreneurial spirit, Sara launched the Book to Script Course in 2021, through which she has helped over 100 adult students worldwide learn the craft of screenwriting and tell their stories. She has helped others share stories of abuse, discrimination, and trauma.