When I first started out on this journey, I could not have imagined what was in store for me. Dress for Success has given me many opportunities to grow and develop professionally and personally.

Born in Honduras, Xiomara is a granddaughter of a poor farming family. “As a US citizen, I have had many privileges that a young woman still living in my country could not dream of. And yet, when I arrived at Dress for Success Reno - Northern Nevada almost 6 years ago, I was struggling with mental health, lack of self-confidence, financial instability, and a deep sense of failure. I was living with my mom, who was also struggling after a divorce and facing new challenges herself. I just knew that something had to change,” Xiomara says.

With the support of Dress for Success, she now has a stable career in manufacturing, has been invited to leadership programs at work, taught at community college, and is planning a finance workshop for the local affiliate’s employment retention program. She is also looking ahead to the possibility of entrepreneurship.

As an ambassador for Dress for Success Reno - Northern Nevada in the community, Xiomara warmly welcomes new clients at events, sharing her story with grace and humility. She actively engages in discussions with professionals who speak at monthly sessions.

“I stay grounded through my gratitude for the amazing people in my life, my beautiful family, the experiences that led me to this moment in time, and for my own persistence and hard work,” Xiomara says.