Thank you for celebrating International Women's Day 2019 with us. Your Hour, Her Power will be back in 2020, but you can still donate an hour of pay to change a woman's life.
This Is My Story
We have served more than one million women across the globe.
Every Dress for Success woman has a story.
We invite you to listen.
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The Global Picture

International Women's Day celebrates the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women around the world and calls for gender parity. At Dress for Success, we have answered that call by supporting more than 1 million women on the journey to financial independence. This International Women's Day and Women's History Month, we celebrate our global impact and the stories of the women we have had the fortune to serve.

According to a 2018 World Bank study, gender parity in pay, hours and workforce participation could lead to a global wealth jump of $23,620 a person as well as ancillary societal benefits such as lower malnutrition and child mortality.

Active in 29 countries with 152 affiliates, Dress for Success is making crucial inroads to lift women out of poverty to a place of economic empowerment. Our work has tangible outcomes for the women we serve with 76% securing employment, 23% receiving promotions within one year, and 80% reducing debt or building an emergency savings fund. We are more than a suit; we are a global force for change.

Why Give Your Hour?
In the words of our generous supporters, discover what it means to give your hour for her power. We invite you to join them.
"This International Women's Day I am proud to donate an hour of my salary to all of the work that Dress for Success does for women all over the globe."
- Krystal Bick, Founder | ThisTimeTomorrow Travel Blog
"I personally support Dress for Success. I am very proud to donate an hour of my pay to support the economic advancement of women around the world."
- Sylvain Desjonqueres, Group Management Director | L'Occitane
"I’m very proud to donate an hour of my pay to Dress for Success to empower and support the economic advancement of women around the world."
- Joyce Russell, President | Adecco Group US Foundation