Rebecca Yeung

Corporate Vice President – Operations Science & Advanced Technology,

FedEx Corporation

As a woman and a mother, I believe the FUN part of life is to break down barriers and make the impossible possible. Thank you Dress for Success for continuing to help women around the world live this out.

Imagine that a young girl in China raised in a home with dirt floors, no electricity, and no running water today commands one of the most exciting assignments in corporate America: to leverage advanced technologies to transform the future of FedEx operations.

Rebecca Yeung is a corporate vice president at FedEx Corporation and leads Operations Science and Advanced Technology. In her role, she is responsible for driving critical aspects of innovation and transformation strategy for FedEx, including scaling up robotics and automation technology, autonomous vehicles, decision science, and electromobility.

She sits on the FedEx Strategic Management Committee, a C-suite leadership group that sets the strategic direction for the enterprise. She has recently been appointed to the board of directors of Columbus McKinnon Corporation, a leading intelligent motion company. Rebecca holds an MBA from the University of Maryland–College Park and a bachelor’s degree from Fudan University in China.

Rebecca Yeung

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